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Providing automated access to documents is the desire of many different types of entities.

Access can be defined as basically two types: Secure and Anonymous. While Anonymous access is fairly easy to accomplish, the problems facing the document owner are the security of the document and the location. Many publishers of information today are forced to place their information on another server in some remote hosting site, and lose control of the security and sometimes the availability of the document. Secure access requires user and role management as well as security code on all pages to prevent bookmarking the page and bypassing security.
EShareDocs provides the access to the documents through our secure portal system while allowing the document owner to simply publish documents to a secure file system on their own network. They have access to all of the documentation whenever they need it, and publishing new information is as simple as saving a document to a folder location.

EShareDocs can provide either Anonymous or Secure access. We can provide secure access to any number of users to your documents. Your secure access site will validate required user information prior to granting access. If the user is missing data, they will be requested to provide the missing data prior to proceeding to the secure documents. Users can easily place a shortcut to your secure site. We can even designate a specific folder within your publishing site for an individual user. They will see files published at that location, including sub-folders, but will not be able to navigate above the desginated folder.

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