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Small Town Americana has the same basic document requirements as larger cities, but lack the budget and resources to publish them to the web themselves. EShareDocs comes to the rescue!

We provide an easy to implement solution that costs a fraction of what others have paid. Not only do we provide the ability to share specific documents on the world wide web, but we take away the pain and hassle of publishing them to your conventional web site. And we provide instant 24/7 access to the documents to the public.

Publishing documents is as easy as saving them to a specifically configured folder on one of your office computers. Our website creates a secure channel to the folders you define, and those documents are instantly available to the public from your page on our site. No more editing and altering documents to put them in HTML format. No more printing documents through a converter to create PDF documents. You can simply save your word documents, excel spreadsheets, or graphic images to your own folder location, and we expose them for you as either native documents (Doc, Xls, Tif, Jpg, etc) or as PDF documents (converted on our server on demand!)

Follow the link shown at the left to one of our live township sites. This site also contains search templates that allow you to search for documents by sections of the filename.

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